Monday, April 23, 2012

Thunder Thighs, 4:30AM Craziness & the Psychotic Zone

See all those great things? How about them thunder thighs? :)

I slept in this morning and enjoyed breakfast before I hopped on the treadmill for an easy 3 miles. Although the pace was easy and physically I felt good (compared to how crappy I've been feeling lately because of the sudden cold/allergies/whatever), it was like a sauna in the apartment! I had the sliding glass door open and also turned on the treadmill fan within the last mile or so of my run. I don't know if it's the thermostat (which we can't seem to turn down... Thanks, building manager) or just the increasing temperature outside, but it had me sweatin! I always feel great after running though, so no complaints there. I'm glad to have "got 'er done" and it made me feel a little less lazy today.

Before my run (and breakfast) I also completed some strength training moves. Look at me with all this cross training! Boom, new woman. Just kidding. I get bored (and it helps me feel less lazy when I have nothing to do)! This is what my workout looked like today:

I am going to head to bed early tonight (not yet though, it's only 7:30pm & I'm not that bored) so I can squeeze in a run before work tomorrow morning. Yeah, my 5AM wake up call will be adjusted to (about) 4:30AM. CRAZY! I like waking up early to get my run in (providing I had a decent sleep before, ha).

In case you were wondering, this is what the elbow up plank is. However, I got the name wrong apparently. Well excuse me, Blogilates, but I have a new name for your "elbow pushup." This is killer on your abs & works your whole core! You will feel like crying (or maybe that's just me). Oh, and I didn't do it that fast. Now that would just be venturing into the psychotic zone.

Off to have dinner! On the menu tonight is baked lemon dill salmon, brown rice, roasted broccoli/carrots & broccoli slaw with sunflower seeds. My stomach is grumbling just at the thought.

Have a good night!

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